My name is David Guzman and I have been training at The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy since 2003. I am 58 years old and in the greatest shape I have ever been. My life is all about training and I want to thank Sifu for all my self defense classes.

David Guzman

Why Martial Arts you may wonder… For us, our decision to put our son GianMarco in Kung Fu classes was with the single goal of him being able to defend himself. In first grade he struggled with some kids in his class. They would do things like take his lunch bag, give away his belongings and call him names when he would tell the teacher about their behavior. I as a parent, had a hard time dealing with this situation as I wasn’t there all day to stand up for him. So our initial thought was, learn how to fight and if someone messes with you, beat them up. So he started at Shaolin. What we have gotten back is not just his ability to defend himself but a never before seen self confidence. He went from the kid that is standing in the back to the one showing off in the front. He has made great friends and most importantly, has never had problems at school again. What you find at Shaolin is genuine people with a love for Martial Arts. This is why I decided to try their adult kickboxing class. I never would have thought I would love the class so much. I am probably in the best shape I’ve been in my life and with a baby of 17 months, I cannot help but to feel proud. Last July after the Martial Arts competition, my husband decided he would give the class a try. Now he is hooked and is training at Shaolin to fight this coming July. Shaolin academy has helped my family get into shape, obtain self confidence, make new friends and a lot much more! Thank you Shaolin family!

Viviana Carranza

Our whole family attends Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Our sons Alejandro (7) and Julian (4) have attended the kids Kung fu, weapons, and sparring classes for almost 2 years. I recently started the adult Kung fu class as well but my wife and I have been attending the kickboxing class for about 8 months. We are all stronger and healthier then ever before. The kids are more confident and disciplined. The instructors at Shaolin have taken a personal interest in the boys and require a positive attitude not only in the studio but at home and school as well. We have received so many benefits from belonging to Shaolin Academy that we highly recommend it to our friends and family.

Guillermo and Catalina Romero

Seven months ago I moved to South Florida on orders by the United States Army to work in a trauma center in Miami. Like any parent, my number one priority was meeting the needs of my children; finding a great school, an even better afterschool program, and a physical activity for my two sons, Dylan (9) and Jakob (7). As a single parent, though, it was crucial for me to I find an afterschool program that would mentor my children in their school work, and a sport that would keep them physically and mentally engaged so that they would not be tempted by the wrong crowd.
On a tremendously fortunate and excellent recommendation from my boyfriend and former student, Jonathan Vazquez, I chose the Shaolin Academy. In my experience it is rare to find an organization that will pick up your children from school, assist them with schoolwork, and then on top of that, keep them physically engaged with invaluable skills such as Kung-Fu. It was the single best decision I could have made!
Since we moved here last summer, my children were immediately enrolled in the Summer Camp program and children’s basic classes. They fell in love with the academy right away, and most days they didn’t want me to pick them up! I saw them thrive like never before, working hard practicing their new skills all the time. Since they began, my oldest son has achieved his orange sash and has begun weapons and sparring training. My youngest son has already achieved his yellow sash and been chosen for the academy’s student spotlight.
In October of last year, once I saw the positive progression in my sons, met the parents and students of the academy and observed many classes, I decided to become a student as well. I joined the adult classes along with the MMA classes for a total of five days of training per week. I can only say, that it was another excellent decision. Being away from a traditional Army post, I do not get to do physical training with other Soldiers, and was looking for something that would be comparable in intensity and endurance. The classes have more than made up for that! Every class is a mixture of great fun, hard work, and valuable skills. They have become something that I look forward to every day.
Sifu John is an incredible instructor. He will push you to do better than you think you can, and, more importantly he does it in such a way that you are motivated and excited to work harder and push further. Again, that kind of leadership in a mentor and friend, is very rare.
Everyone at the academy, from the instructors, to the staff, to the students, and their families, are SO friendly. They are all very encouraging and genuinely happy to see you everyday. Being a part of this academy has made such a tremendous and positive impact on my family and my life. It is such a blessing to be a part of this great organization. The academy has not only met, but exceeded ALL of my expectations!

Danielle Chandler

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