I started taking classes at The Shaolin Academy about 6 months after my cousin Sebastian joined and I have loved attending every class since then. Being a student at The Shaolin Academy for the past 2 years has completely changed my life physically and more importantly, mentally. Sifu John is always pushing us to our limits and continues to challenge us every class so there is never a dull moment when we all train! Everyone at the academy is very friendly and enthusiastic about the things they do. Not to mention they will all lend a helping hand to anyone whether they are a friend or stranger. Despite the fact that I’m a college student I consider my training at this academy my top priority because of the new mind set it has helped me attain!

Danny Silva

My son Ryan started at Shaolin a little over a year ago. He has grown to love Kung Fu and just can’t get enough. He would attend class everyday of the week if he could. Attending Shaolin has helped him become more confident and disciplined. I myself decided to start kickboxing classes after I had my second son to help get me back into shape. One class and I was hooked! I enjoy and look forward to coming to class every week. Everyone at the Shaolin Academy is super friendly and encouraging. When you’re there you’re with family. It’s a great place to be a part of!

Diana Fernandez

Our daughter, 14-year-old daughter, Julie, has been a student at Shaolin Kung Fu Academy for six years. She’s trained at other schools prior to this but nothing has compared to the training she’s received here. Sifu John is constantly raising the bar, encouraging his students to reach higher, try harder. As a result, she has achieved performance and competition levels we never even imagined. From winning multiple grand championships, national and world titles in the International Chinese Martial Arts Circuit to national ranking in the USAWKF as well as most recently winning a bronze medal as a US Wushu Team member at the Fifth World Traditional Wushu Championship in China, her many accomplishments are directly due to the training, motivation and inspiration from this school. And there are many other competitors with similar success stories. But, medals aside, the school excels at character building and instilling values, which results in a 24-hour champion at life, not just in the competition arena. It is reflected in academic grades and respect for others. That is what most parents are looking for when they choose martial arts training for their children or even for themselves. The staff is warm, caring and approachable. Come and see for yourself what makes The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy so special!

Penny and David Drapkin

My son David started kung fu on September 2004. He had just celebrated his 6th birthday. I noticed a change in him right away. His self confidence improved 100%. After 3 years of training he has now earned his brown sash. He and I are both very happy with his accomplishments. I am very thankful for the patience and support that he has received from his instructors throughout the years.

I decided to try out some classes myself in January 07. I started with just one personal training session and one boxing/MMA class a week. I saw results right away too. I had a lot of energy and felt very good about myself. I got hooked on training and started attending more classes. My training now includes 3 personal training sessions, 3 kung fu classes and 2 Boxing/MMA classes per week. It is not easy but I can honestly say I enjoy it a lot. Sifu pushes me past my limits. His classes are vigorous; I am always drenched in sweat at the end of each class. My body does not get use to it even though I train 5 days a week. I am sore most of the time but the results are worth it. I love watching my muscles grow and get stronger.

Both my son and I have made lasting friendships with other students from the academy. The staff is also very caring. It is truly our second home.

Maritza Capera

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