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Shaolin Kung Fu: Snake Form

Full-body awareness gives the snake a heightened sensitivity, and that allows it to use all its resources to accomplish its goals. The animal coils its body for speed and power, then strikes without hesitation or fear. It’s a relentless hunter that uses every muscle to push, slide, penetrate, wrap and eventually control its prey. The snake is a natural ground fighter— which is why grapplers often find its movements to their liking. The snake hand, in.
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Amazing Technique in Shaolin Kung fu

Some people may think that many Shaolin Kungfu patterns are only decorative. You may be amazed at how profound they are in overcoming complex situations. The kungfu patterns above and below show five examples from the famous Shaolin Five Animals, from which much of the form and spirit of Shaolin Kungfu are derived. The Dragon form, expressed above in the double dragon-claws, is instrumental for the training of shen, or mind. The Snake form, expressed in the finger-thrust,.
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Shaolin Kung Fu

The name Shaolin kung fu has in recent years become a victim of its own fame. Although being followed with strict rules with slight modifications such as the use of curved thai pads, it has become synonymous with great cinematic of traditional martial arts prevalent in films and theatrical shows presented to the west. Contrary to popular opinion, Chinese martial arts did not originate from the Shaolin Temple. Fighting arts were practiced in China, as in.
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