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10 Reasons to Train at The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

1. Training for weight loss It's no coincidence that gyms and personal trainers are now heavily incorporating training techniques and exercises from a wide variety of martial arts in their workouts. Working focus mitts and kicking pads in classes are just a couple of examples of how kung fu training develops a students cardiovascular endurance and increases weight loss and fitness. Because kung fu training is high intensity and lasts for an hour it burns a maximum number.
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Shaolin Academy Programs

The Shaolin Academy has a variety of Martial Arts programs to choose from. our traditional Northern Shaolin Kung fu classes teach both kids and adults the ancient art of Chinese kung fu. Students learn the movements, forms, and weapons of the legendary Shaolin monks. All students progress in our system and are able to achieve high rank and proficiency under the watchful eye of our highly respected instructors. Our Cardio Kickboxing classes are for those students.
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