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Application of Kung Fu forms

Pictured above is the deadly kicks of Shaolin 10. There is a misconception that the beauty and elegance of kung fu forms are ineffective for fighting. The techniques in forms were developed by Shaolin monks and kung fu masters to give practitioners a way of training their precision and fluidity of transition in combat. It is very important for students to keep in mind the application of every technique while they are doing their forms routines.
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Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw

Shang Tung Eagle Claw is one of the most aggressive forms of Chinese Kung Fu and one of the most challenging to learn. It was developed by Yeuh Fei, a general in the army. He is credited with developing several styles and weaponry and at one time was highly honored in the army. One set of weapon that was developed by him was the Hook Sword and Shield, which was used against the Calvary. Yeup.
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Shaolin Kung Fu: Snake Form

Full-body awareness gives the snake a heightened sensitivity, and that allows it to use all its resources to accomplish its goals. The animal coils its body for speed and power, then strikes without hesitation or fear. It’s a relentless hunter that uses every muscle to push, slide, penetrate, wrap and eventually control its prey. The snake is a natural ground fighter— which is why grapplers often find its movements to their liking. The snake hand, in.
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