Class Descriptions

Shaolin Kung Fu

Requirements: Proper uniform and shoes. Training in the Chinese art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Students learn traditional forms, weapons, and self defense. Classes are geared to develop longevity by improving physical endurance, strength and flexibility. All students obtain international rank within the Shaolin system.

Kids Shaolin Kung Fu

Requirements: Proper uniform and shoes. Children develop self-confidence, respect and discipline through the study of Shaolin Kung Fu. Students learn forms, self-defense and Shaolin basics that help develop good coordination and physical fitness. Daily life lessons are taught to promote success in all areas of life.

Adult Cross Training

Requirements: Clean Academy T-shirt and shorts or pants. Shoes, gloves and a towel. An intense session of high energy, high impact and total body conditioning. This class drills the fundamentals of boxing and muay thai kickboxing, floor conditioning and partner drills. Students learn and develop footwork timing and proper execution of punches and kicks. Instruction focuses on pad training, parrying drills, boxing, and kickboxing. Each session builds lean muscle, decreases body fat and increase flexibility.

Kids Sanshou

This class prepares children for fight competition. Training is geared towards proper technique and defensive skills. Students develop confidence, discipline, good sportsmanship and self-control. After warm-up and drills, students get a chance to practice sparring with each other in a safe and controlled environment.

** Requirements for all sparring classes: Boxing gloves, headgear, shin guards, mouthpiece, clean t-shirt, shorts and towel. Students must be in Black Belt CLub and have instructor approval to fight.

Little Champions (3 to 5 years old)

Requirements: Proper uniform and shoes. Class is geard to introduce little ones to martial arts and develop advanced motor skills and coordination. Kids learn about discipline and respect through fun activities done in class that prepare them for school and advanced kids class.



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