History of Kung Fu

A History of Kung Fu

The history of China began long before the Qui Dynasty, but it’s emperor Chin united many of the warring states and joined many parts of the Great Wall (built in parts against marauding Hans and Mongolian’s) immuring up to 300,000 Chinese workers into the wall in the belief that it would be stronger against attackers and would be invaders. It was believed that these workers would strengthen the Great Wall with their bones and their spirits. So it is considered that during the time of the Qui Dynasty the Emperor Chin united most of China into one nation. In his quest for longevity, Emperor Chin tried many potions and lotions and slowly poisoned himself with a mercury based longevity drug. Around 700 years later in 497 AD, in the time of the Southern & Northern Dynasty, the first Shaolin Temple was built.

The Establishment of Shaolin

Towards the end of the 5th Century AD an Indian Buddhist monk by name of Ba Tuo (Chinese Name) was traveling through China teaching Buddhism, helping and guiding those he met. His great wisdom and kindness came to the ears of the Emperor who summoned Ba Tuo to come to him.
Exact details of what happened at this meeting are not entirely clear but is seems that Ba Tuo was offered riches, a place in the palace and encouraged to continue his teachings. Ba Tao kindly declined this offer and asked for a piece of land far away from any ‘civilized’ place in the province of Henan, on the side of the Shao She Mountain. There he was given a large piece of land and the resources to build a monastery in an area called ‘Wooded Hill’ or ‘Small Forest’, which translates to Shaolin in Mandarin or Sil-Lum in Cantonese.


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