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Kids Kung Fu Program

Our kids programs are specifically designed to build confidence, discipline. and self esteem. We enjoy watching kids transform from shy children to amazing skilled martial artists and champions at life.


After School Program 

Our After School Program offers parents a facility where their children can do their homework and train in martial arts daily. Snacks are provided and WIFI is available for online assignments.


Summer Camp Program

Our Summer Program is so popular we have to have a waiting list every year. Kids participate in daily kung fu classes as well as fun activities like skating, bowling, movies, arcade, and more. Your child can spend their summer days building their confidence, learning self defense, and making great memories with new friends.


Teens and Adults Kung Fu Program

Our Teens and Adults class is designed to be dynamic and hyper-focused to improve your form, inner strength and overall fitness. This learning process happens at your own pace in a friendly and fun atmosphere. This class will help you grasp the techniques of Shaolin kung fu from a deeper, more disciplined perspective.

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